January 24th-25th 2020


In the world, not of it… but how?

In the world, in all of its pollution

In all of its corrupt power structures

All of its innaine religiosity

All of its rampant immoralism

All of its twisted politics

In all of it, yet not of any of it

THIS… is for the EXILES


January 24th-25th, 2020

2801 Thomasville Rd, Tallahassee, FL 32308, Freedom Church


for the rebels, the revolutionaries, the outlaws

Being outnumbered, outvoted and cast out
None of that matters unless we choose to live differently
Who among us will be brave enough to create an alternative culture
Who will help sustain it?
History faithfully relies on the creative minority to boldly make the waves and courageously set sail upon them
Not abandoning the majority, but functioning inside the walls for the purpose of redemption
This New Rules Conference is for men and women who can withstand the tension created between the extremes and who will use it to make a third way
It is for the surviving remnant after the rest have fled for safety in normalcy
It is for the rebels and outlaws
The revolutionaries and those who can stomach life in the grey
Those who are in the world, not of it
THIS… is for the EXILES


About the NRC

“Allow me to re-introduce myself…”

The new rules conference is a two day conference experience geared towards inspiring, equipping and launching individuals to add value to the spaces they inhabit.